About Me

I love storytelling, because it is essentially about conveying how different characters interact with the world. I believe that human-centered design includes elements of storytelling in the way that it's about understanding and following the journey of how real people will be using the products that we create. My design process focuses on empathizing with and advocating for the people who will use the technology that I work on.

I got into UX because it combines everything I am passionate about (technology, art, and the human mind) and my skillset (critical thinking, storytelling, and creative problem solving).

Beyond my love for UX, I'm also an avid reader, a writer, and an artist. If I'm not designing a wireframe, studying for a cog sci midterm, or working on research, you'll find me watching a horror movie, painting the sky, or drinking an unhealthy amount of black tea. Or possibly all three at once.


You can check out my resume here.